Minutes of the AGM held on Thursday June 20th 2019, at Tower Hall, 5 Broardlands way, commencing at 7:30pm


Chairman: M Gilson

Clerk:  T Gooding 

Managing Trustees:  D Flett,  R Whymark,  C Evans,  A Pledger,  D Grayston

In Attendance:  R Gosden (Warden) and members of the public.


The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting.

1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday July 19th, 2018: These were agreed


2. Chairman's report:

The Chairman thanked all those attending. He introduced the Committee, the Clerk, the Warden and Diane Grayston who is a co-opted member. The Chairman then gave his report.

Alison has taken on the running of the website and has made efforts to improve and update it. Our thanks to her.

The Chairman also thanked David Hibbert for his long service and contribution to the common. David, who has served for many years, has had to retire. He will be missed and is a significant loss to the current committee.

The Commoners Committee, like so many charitable organisations, have found it difficult to recruit trustees who are willing to put in the effort and we will be advertising for new trustees in the local community publications going forward. 

The Community Payback scheme continues to provide the major source of unpaid resource to carry out clearance work under the supervision of our Warden, Bob. We continue to get between four and eight people working productively on the common every two weeks.

We have made efforts to increase the width of the firebreak in Linksfield by using a different method of cutting and shredding in-situ rather than cutting, transporting and burning. 

We continue to monitor the Linksfield surface and are trying to seek a resolution that will deal with the worst portions. We are also in the process of adding some more 'No Parking' signs.

The water harvesting channel from the main path to the pond appears to be working well. Hopefully, some of the weed in the pond will be cleared in the Autumn.

We have reached an agreement with the golf club for emptying the dog bins on the common, which should be cost neutral.

We continue to have anti-social behaviour and if anyone sees what they believe to be criminal activity, this should be reported to the police or SNT as soon as possible on 101 or 999. We continue to make improvements to the common and the publics' help is always appreciated.


The Chairman then opened the discussion up to the floor. 


3: Matters arising from items 1 and 2:

The Chairman gave a fuller explanation of the arrangement with the golf club, involving dog bins, and the signs that are to be put up in Linksfield. 

4. To consider Financial Statement:

The Chairman gave a brief outline of the accounts which had been circulated. These were then agreed. 


5. Election of Independent Examiner: 

The Clerk stated that Ensors give excellent service and recommended we continue with them. This was agreed.


6. Election of Managing Trustees:

No nominations had been received. Diane Grayston was elected to the committee.  


7. Any other business

A commoner commented on the increase in the number of deers on the common.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8:30pm.


Terry Gooding

Clerk to the Managing Trusteed

AGM 2019