Registered Charity No. 274900


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 16th March 2022 on Zoom at 6.30pm




Mike Gilson (Chairman)

Alison Pledger (Vice Chair)

Diane Grayston

Ray Whymark

Kev Driver

John Adams

Geoff Poole


Also present

Chris Kendall (Clerk)

Bob Gosden (Warden)


Before the normal business meeting Mike welcomed Geoff as a Co-opted trustee.

Mike also advised that Derek has decided to resign from his position as a trustee.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 12th January 2022



  1. Matters arising from the meeting held on Wednesday 12th January 2022

            New trustee – Chris confirmed that she had contacted and met with Geoff Poole  and that he had signed the necessary paperwork to become a co-opted trustee.

            PondKev has arranged a meeting with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, for next Thursday, and he will report on this once it has taken place.

            Schedule of workStill ongoing.

            Trees on Tasmania RdRay (John & Kev) has tried to contact the owner but has been unable to catch him at home. He will therefore continue to try and speak to him.

            e.mail re burns on the common – Chris has replied to the resident as necessary.

            GLT – Bob is in contact with Peter Foster of GLT about future groups.

            Red bins – Chris has ordered and paid for the bins, to be delivered to the golf club, and invoiced RGC for 50% of the cost.

            Letter to RGC – Chris and Mike have sent this letter.

            Liaison meeting with RGC – this meeting was scheduled for later this week but due to several of the proposed attendees having Covid this has been cancelled.

            Letter to residents regarding controlled burns on LH – this has been prepared and           

            delivered by Chris and Alison.

            Signpost at top of Linksfield – Adrian has repaired the post.               

            Adrian’s future work - Ray will ask Adrian about his plans as we have not yet heard from him.


  1. Management of the common

            Walk with RGC February 2022 – the golf club explained that they are trying to remain viable and that they would appreciate help with their club remaining attractive to golfers. Chris will produce a report about the details of work they feel  needs to be done. It was agreed that we need to have regular walks around the course to keep the communication between us going and so that we all have an understanding of each others situation.  Alison and Diane agreed to do these walks, with Chris to take notes.  Kev suggested that we agree to have 2 trustees with  delegated authority to make basic decisions. We will have a Special Meeting to discuss the work and decision making process shortly. 


  1. Tree survey

            We will hold a face to face Special Meeting later in the year to look at the tree survey and decide next steps of work required. Chris will get some more copies of the tree survey plan, showing the golf holes, and will distribute them to the trustees.


  1. Heath Warden’s Report

            Bob’s report was distributed prior to the meeting and is attached.


  1. Golf Club Matters

            The report on the ‘walk around’ was discussed. The liaison meeting has had to be deferred due to Covid.  As the General Manager, Bob Tawall, is retiring soon we will meet with the new club manager, when they are appointed, for the liaison meeting. It was agreed that Mike, Alison and Chris will attend this meeting.


  1. Green Light Trust

            Bob reported that they have finished near the 10th. They will be revisiting some of the areas that have already been done as well as taking out the saplings on the Little Heath.


  1. Rushmere Parish Council request for Speed Indicator Device

            As part of the Neighbourhood Plan RPC have requested a SID to be placed at the bus stop on the northern side of Woodbridge Road East. This post would replace the broken one at this location. Their plan is to have 2 signs that are rotated between 6 sites in the parish.  As it was felt that this would result in a lot of man-made items in one place on the common, Kev will go back to RPC to see if an alternative position could be used.  He will suggest that the sign be placed on the edge of the Little Heath and report back in due course.


  1. Local magazine articles

            Kev is currently producing articles for the local magazines, covering Rushmere, Kesgrave and East Ipswich. He is happy to continue to do so, but would welcome  some ideas of what to include.  As readers like to hear about what wildlife is present, we will let him know of any sightings on which he can report.  It was agreed that we will not necessarily do an article for each issue but just submit items if we have interesting things to say.  We will report on Skylarks, GLT and advise readers to look out for the date of our AGM in the upcoming issues.


  1. Any other business

            List of contact numbersChris was asked to distribute the updated contact details of the trustees to everyone.

            Rushmere Parish Council meeting – Kev said that the annual meeting is taking place on 24th May at Rushmere Village Hall and that Mike is invited to attend. Mike will endeavour to go to this meeting.


  1. Date of next meeting

            Wednesday 11th May 2022 at Rushmere Golf Club, if possible, at 6.30pm. 



Meeting ended 8:20 pm


Mrs Chris Kendall


Clerk to the Managing Trustees