Minutes of the meeting held on January 12th, 2021 on Zoom commencing at 6:30pm


Present: M Gilson (Chairman), R Whymark, D Grayston, A Pledger, C Evans and K Driver.

Also present: B Gosden (Warden), C Kendall (Clerk)

Apologies:  None  


1. Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 3rd November 2020: These were agreed


2. Matters arising from meeting held on 3rd November 2020

Green Light Trust - the report from Danny of GLT has been received and Alison has put it on our website.

Ecological report - Ray found the name of the person who looked at this about 10 years ago and he has agreed to look at it again.

Safety on the golf course - visibility around the 11th and 18th tees has been improved by work carried out by Adrian Pearce.

Tree Survey - specifications have now been received by Ray and will be discussed later in the meeting.

Rabbits - Ray contacted the rabbit man regarding a cull of some of the rabbits on the golf course. The matter was discussed fully and in the view of the current situation not being bad, a vote was taken on whether to take any action at the moment. It was unanimously agreed that the cull should not take place at this present time. Chris will advise the golf club that a cull is not warranted at this time but that we will monitor the situation in the summer.

Pond - this has now been cleared and looks very good.

Boggy areas - these areas are still to be done.

Bench on the right-hand side of the 2nd fairway - as this is only a small tree stump bench it has been agreed that it can remain.

VAT - Chris has investigated the rules. We have to pay VAT on everything except if it relates to advertising or donations to the charity.


3. Management of the common:

Green Light Trust - The trustees agreed that the work they have been doing is very good, especially at the pond area. They were due to continue work on the common on the 11th of January but as we are in another lockdown they cannot start back until this is over. The current course finishes in three weeks but they will hopefully be back when the next course commences. In the meantime Bob has suggested that we give them a donation for the work they have already done. As their work represents good value for money, the trustees unanimously agreed that we should give them a donation of £500. Bob will let Chris know when the cheque is required. 

In the future, when they return, we will look at purchasing a secure storage cupboard for their tools so that they can be kept on site. 

Tree Survey - Ray has obtained quotes and work specifications from two companies which had been circulated to all prior to the meeting. The specification from Arboreal was considered better at a price of £3200.00 and the trustees unanimously agreed to go ahead with this company. Chris will send them an email confirming our order. Jason Mcphie of Arboreal will liaise with Ray about when the survey is to take place. We will consider having the survey updated every five years.

Linksfield fire break - Tom will deal with the trees there shortly.

Parking - The golf club have shut their private car park to stop people gaining access whilst the club is closed. Bob reported that there are people parking on the approach to the club car park and at other places on the common. He will put notices on the cars to remind people not to park on common land and consider the rules of lockdown. 


4. Special meeting minutes: These were agreed and there were no matters arising.   


5. Heath Warden's report

Payback - Brian Foster has been in touch with Bob. They will not be back to work on the common in the short term due to lockdown. He will keep us updated.

Anti-social behaviour - Bob and a friend of his have been clearing up debris left from parties, small fires etc. Each incident has been notified to the police.

Damage to greens  - some damage has occured to the greens, mainly by dogs. The greenkeepers are trying to sort this out but they are working in rotation with some being furloughed during the lockdown.


6. Golf club matters:

Some people have been spotted playing golf before dawn and after dusk and this has been reported to the club. It is impossible to see walkers in poor light and represents a safety issue.


7. Any other business:

Linksfield - As it had been reported by residents that emergency vehicles were struggling to get down the lane, RCC were needing a temporary solution from the residents. The legal position being that the residents have a right of access to their properties but it is their responsibility to repair/maintain the track but may not change the character of the lane and must have all works agreed by RCC as land owners. The Friends of Linksfield came forward with an acceptable temporary solution so they were given permission and that work commenced on Sunday. The residents as a whole will need to come forward with a long term solution to be agreed by RCC.  


Meeting ended 8:55 pm


The next meeting will be on Wednesday the 17th of February 2021 at 6:30 pm.


Mrs Chris Kendall

Clerk to the Managing Trustees

minutes January 2021