Minutes of the meeting held on May 25th, 2021 on Zoom commencing at 6:30pm


Present: M Gilson (Chairman), R Whymark, D Grayston, A Pledger, K Driver and John Adams (until 7pm)

Also present: B Gosden (Warden), C Kendall (Clerk)

Apologies:  None  


1. Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 8th of April 2021: 

To be amended to include under Heath Warden’s Report ‘It is noted that Bob dialled 999 twice within 20 minutes to report anti-social behaviour and there was no response or visit from the police following these calls’. After the addition the minutes were agreed.

2. Matters arising from meeting held on 8th of April 2021:

Tree survey – Ray reported that this will be done at the end of June.

Ecological survey – Bob said that GLT have been doing surveys and he has sent an email out today with some of their findings. This is to be discussed at our next meeting.

Anonymous letter – the reply from our solicitors was discussed. Mike has taken advice from someone who works in the criminal system who has advised him that, as it constitutes a malicious communication, he should report it to the police.

Tadpoles – Ray advised Adrian that we did not require any more tadpoles in the pond.

Tasmania Rd trees – the work on these trees will take place on 18th June.

Concrete post on Little Heath (LH) – the post that has fallen down will not allow vehicles to access the LH. LH will be looked at before the next meeting.

Leaflet dispensers – Diane has priced up some dispensers and Chris will order one as a trial to see how it goes.  This dispenser can then be placed on the dog bag dispenser at the tank traps.

Golf club notices – the notices about the re-opening have been taken down.

Barriers – new barriers have been completed by Adrian.

Quantock Close – has been added to our list of roads included in the Rushmere Commoners area.

Thank you letters – have been done.

Locked box for GLT -  has been ordered and delivered.

Rabbits and licence fee RGC – our decisions have been communicated to the golf club.

Domain name for emails – agreed to leave for the moment.   

GDPR -  to be discussed under AOB.

Metal detecting – A friend of Diane’s questioned someone about what they were doing on the common as it appeared he may have been metal detecting. Diane’s wording for the metal detecting signs was agreed but Rushmere Commoners Committee to be added at the bottom.  Diane will prepare laminated notices and put     them at all of the main entrances to the common as well as 3 notices to go in Tasmania Rd.


3. Management of the common:

Anti-social behaviour – regarding controlling dogs has been reported to Rushmere Parish Council and copied to us. We already have information on our website and in our leaflets about controlling dogs and there is nothing more we can do. There is also advice to report any incidents to the police if necessary.

Footpaths – Adrian has almost completed the clearance of the footpaths following the snow damage.  Kev reported that the back of the 13th up the hill and parallel to  Blackdown Ave. needs doing and Ray will ask Adrian to do this.

Firebreak – Adrian has requested to widen the firebreak but Ray will advise him not to do so at present.

Gorse – we have a lot of gorse/scrub that is looking very dry and unhealthy. It appears that even the young gorse is affected. There is also some affected gorse on the LH. It is arranged that we will carry out an inspection of some parts of the common on Saturday 12/06/21 at 2pm.  Bob will see if we can borrow a buggy.

GLT/Golf Club members – it has been reported that some of the golf club members are concerned about what GLT are doing on the common. It was decided that Chris should prepare a letter to the golf club so that they can advise their members of what is being done. The proposed letter to go to Mike for agreement first.


4. Heath Warden's report:

Green Light Trust – Bob is continuing to work hard with GLT.  When we do our walk on 12/06/21 we can prepare some work for them to do and until then Bob will give  them some smaller jobs and continue to manage them. GLT sent a report to Bob and Chris is to forward this on to all the trustees for information.

Payback – now that the golf clubhouse is open Bob will contact them about coming back to work.

Anti-social behaviour – Bob reported that strangely there had been less anti-social behaviour since people were allowed to gather more legally.  However there were 5 incidents within 1 week.  There was one incidence where an Amazon box with a  name and address on it had been found on heath and Bob suggested to the police that they visit that address but he is unaware whether they have done so.

Carole Evans, a Rushmere Parish Councillor, has reported problems with anti-social behaviour but this has probably been raised in view of the PCSO’s work for the parish.

Dead gorse -  as already mentioned some gorse is looking very unhealthy but Bob advised that was nothing to do with the golf club or GLT. Bob will do some investigations about gorse in other places hopefully before our planned walk.         

Golf club – some bushes have been removed on the 9th fairway without permission from ourselves. Bob suggested that we have communication with the golf club and       

Mike said that after the AGM we would set up a liaison meeting

5. Golf Club matters:

Letter from golf club – we have received a letter from the golf club saying thank you for the 1 month rebate of the licence fee and for agreeing to that we will review the rabbit situation in the autumn/winter.

6. Any other business:

Privacy NoticeChris will send the proposed wording for a Privacy Notice, to be signed by the trustees and employees, to Kev for him to look at.

Lloyds bank accounts – as the existing signatories for the Lloyds bank accounts have now all, sadly, passed away we need to have new signatories put in place.

In order to do this a resolution has been passed to remove the existing signatories and put on three new ones. Proposed by Mike and seconded by Kev. The new signatories are to be 2 out of 3 of Chris, Alison and Ray. Chris will send off the forms to Lloyds bank to complete the amendments.

AGM – Chris asked about the venue for the AGM which is scheduled for 29/07/21. The trustees decided that we should announce the venue as Rushmere Village Hall but state that this is subject to government guidelines applicable at the time.

Hedgerows along common boundaries – Kev reported that East Suffolk Council are  writing to residents that live on the boundary of The Sandlings regarding the dumping of cuttings on their land and suggested that we could do the same with residents on the common boundaries.  It was decided that Kev would keep us informed of how this goes with RPC and if we decide to do the same Kev is happy to write the letter and deliver it to the relevant properties. The law states that residents can cut back to their fence and offer us the cuttings. However we do not wish residents to ‘dump’ the cuttings on the common.

Encroachment – it was decided that any new encroachment/fences will be dealt with as soon as it occurs.

Signs on dog bag dispensers – Kev suggested that we should add a sign to these dispensers stating ‘Kindly supplied by Rushmere Commoners. Please clear up after your dog’. Ray and Kev will correspond about these signs, which are to be in green.

End of year accounts – Chris asked about when these would be required and it was agreed that Chris would get the draft accounts ready for the next meeting.

Date of next meeting: 

To be held on Wednesday 23rd June either in Alison’s garden or on Zoom depending on the weather.

 A further meeting will be held on 20/07/21 regarding preparation for the AGM.


Meeting ended 20.17



Mrs Chris Kendall

Clerk to the Managing Trustees

Minutes May 2021