Registered Charity No. 274900


Minutes of meeting held on Monday 8th August 2022 at Rushmere Golf Club commencing at 6.30pm




Mike Gilson (Chairman)

Alison Pledger (Vice Chair)

Diane Grayston

Ray Whymark

Kev Driver

John Adams

Mike Shields


Also present

Chris Kendall (Clerk)

Bob Gosden (Warden)


Mike G welcomed Mike S to the committee.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 13th July 2022



  1. Matters arising from the meeting held on Wednesday 13th July 2022

            Schedule of workStill ongoing.

            Trees on Tasmania Rd – to be discussed later.

            Footpath alongside LH on Playford RdChris has advised the residents that the footpath will be cleared, when we have a new contractor, and she will keep them updated.

            Firebreak alongside 80 Heath Rd – to be discussed later.

            Pond water – GLT are going to remove some reeds as their next job.

            37 Tasmania Rd -  to be discussed later.

            Trafalgar walk – John has cleared some branches etc. here.

            List of work – Chris has sent out the list of work to the trustees.

            RGC meeting – Chris has sent the minutes of our last meeting to RGC.

            Firebreaks – the fire brigade have been asked to attend to give advice on firebreaks both on the common and around the perimeter.

            Stumps near dead hedging at 10th -  their removal has been added to the list of jobs.

            RGC tournament – details have been received and all the posters have gone up on the common.

            Dog bin near Humber Doucy LaneMike still ongoing.

            Leaflets  – Chris had the leaflets printed and they are now to be distributed.

            GLT – donation to be discussed later.

            Lloyds Bank account – Chris took the signed authority to the bank but as the account has been marked dormant all 3 signatories need to attend the bank with a form of photo identification. Chris, Ray and Alison will now do this.


  1. Draft minutes of AGM held on Tuesday 19th July 2022

            Agreed as a sound record but a few minor alterations to be made by Chris.


  1. Matters arising from minutes of AGM held on Tuesday 19th July 2022

            Pond - the condition of the pond was queried by a commoner and a response about it was given by the trustees. Also articles in local parish magazines have provided good information. The AGM minutes state that bole hole water can be used if absolutely necessary to top up the pond.


  1. Election of chairman

            As there were no other nominations, for a Chairman, and Mike was happy to continue, it was agreed that Mike Gilson would be Chairman for a further year.  Proposed by Alison Pledger and seconded by Diane Grayston.


  1. Election of vice-chair

            There were no nominations except for Alison Pledger, so it was agreed that Alison would remain our vice chair.  Proposed Ray Whymark and seconded by Kev Driver.


  1. Review of Clerk and Warden’s Salaries

            Chris and Bob were asked to leave the room whilst the review was discussed by the trustees. The salaries are usually increased in line with CPI (Consumer Price Index) and this year the change in CPI was at 01/04/21 110.4 and 31/03/22 119.0, meaning that the salaries were to be increased from £4919.40 to £5302.61. The trustees agreed to the increase but are to review the process in 6 months taking into account inflation and our rising costs. Chris to make a note in her diary. To aid with this Chris is to do a finance report for each meeting.


  1.  Management of the common

            Contractors - Ray and Kev met with Kev Barker, of Cut ’N’ Clear It. He advised that he employs two men and that the three of them would each work an 8 hour day at a rate of £400 per day, and he is not registered for VAT. Kev B was shown the sort of work that we would require.  It was discussed that the firm could, for example, do 40 days work per year which would cost £16000. Cut ‘N’ Clear It have a flail mower and other equipment and they would transport the waste to our burn pile. After some discussion it was agreed that we would give the firm a ‘trial period’ of 10 days work up to Christmas 2022 which would cost £4000. Chris to write regarding our terms for the trial period and also request copies of both the Public Liability Insurance and Risk  Assessments. Mike to check draft letter before it is sent.

            Alison had also contacted SCL Manaagement Ltd but their rate was £800 per visit, so we will not pursue this at the moment.

            The trustees also considered employing someone ourselves but thought that this would prove very problematical and someone is needed with the right equipment.

            Firebreak 80 Heath RdChris to contact owner to say that we will do a firebreak, in due course, but that we will not be taking any trees down. In the meantime the owner can cut any overhanging branches and clear the pile of debris that has been placed just on the heath if they wish.

            Trees alongside 37 Tasmania Rd – expert advise said that we could take the ivy off the trees. The older oak tree on the RHS of the path could come down as a younger oak tree is very near and it would then allow the younger oak to grow better. The younger oak could then be pollarded in a few years time. Consider cost sharing with resident. We will ask our new contractor about this work.

            Tasmania Rd trees – trees along road to Brisbane Rd are to be cut back.

            Trees at 2nd tee –  we have received expert advice, as RGC feel that some trees here should be cut back due to ‘line of sight issues’. The expert felt that some of the tree branches could be cut back and we will consider this as part of the winter work.

            Linksfield – a resident has queried whether the row of oak trees is a fire hazard as  well as the silver birch tree outside no. 41.  Chris to advise that our expert has confirmed that the oak trees are not a fire hazard and consequently they will not be removed. A dead silver birch was spotted outside no. 49 which could come down if requested. Chris to look at silver birch outside no 41.  Chris to also advise the  resident that we have been advised to keep the undergrowth down between Linksfield track and the firebreak and that this has been added to our list of work. 

            Speed Indicator Device (SID) – Kev advised that the SID could not be placed where  we had agreed because Cadent advised that there are gas pipes underneath.  It  was therefore agreed that the new location of the corner of the Little Heath along Playford Rd could be used. Kev to pass this decision to RPC.

            Linksfield  track maintenance – Kev said that LRMG had started work on the trial area and have narrowed the track, but that obtaining the certified planings was proving to be difficult at the moment.  The banks will be seeded in due course.

            Pond water -  following a complaint about the lack of water in the pond, the matter was discussed.  It was agreed that Chris should advise the commoner that we are going to stick to the advice that we have been given from Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

            Volunteers – following our articles in local magazines, in which we requested volunteers to work on the common, a resident had queried what work they would be allowed carry out.  Chris to advice that any work carried out by volunteers would be done according to our instructions and fully supervised.

            ‘Adrian’s burn pile’ - (near old football pitch zone 27) as this pile now has dog poo bags in it it will need to be cleared and then burnt, in November.  Alison and Diane will ask if the greenkeepers can do it and at what cost.

            Zoned plan – Kev has done the zoning of the common and started to make a plan of what needs to be done where.  Others to look and give their input.


  1. Heath Warden’s Report

            GLT – to be discussed later.

            Metal detectorist -  Bob reported that metal detecting is taking place at the back of the 12th and path near 15thChris to arrange for the police to attend a meeting between ourselves, RGC and the police.

            Graffiti  - is on the bins at the back of 6th/7th.

            Litter – there is a lot of litter near 14th tee but the bank is too steep for Bob to clear it.  When the weather is cooler Bob will deal with it.

            Dog bag dispensers – Bob will be unable to do the dog bag dispensers at Tasmania Rd and tank traps weekends until the winter so John has agreed to do them.

            Pond water – we should consider using bore hole water if clearing the reeds doesn’t help the water level.


  1. Golf Club Matters

            Tournament – the notices are up and ready for the 12th August.        

            Liaison meeting – the next meeting will take place on12/09/22 with Alison and Diane.

            13 or 14 greens – RGC have requested to get in professionals to dig a trench around some of their greens, cut the tree roots and fill back in. This is agreed and Chris to advise accordingly.

            Bench – it is agreed that the bench can have a new top, being like for like, and Chris to advise.


  1. Green Light Trust

            Donation – we are looking into giving GLT a further donation. We will pay for the overalls, purchased to clear the burnt area, and further money.  Bob to enquire about how much the overalls cost and also see if they are able to carry out the burning of Adrian’s pile, and if so add it to their list of jobs.


  1. Any other business

            Clerk’s holidays – the trustees agreed to the holidays and that someone will be able to deal with any urgent emails and telephone call in her absence.  Chris to meet with Mike G to set this up prior to her holidays.

            List of jobsChris to send list to Mike S.


  1. Date of next meeting

            Wednesday 12th October 2022 and RGC commencing at 6.30pm. Chris to ask RGC for room.



Meeting ended 20.35


Mrs Chris Kendall

Clerk to the Managing Trustees