Minutes of the Meeting held on 8th of April 2021 on Zoom, commencing at 6.30 pm.



 Present:  M Gilson (Chairman), A Pledger (Vice Chair),  R Whymark, D Grayston, John Adams, Kev Driver until 7pm.


Also in attendance: C Kendall (clerk), R Gosden (warden)



 1.Minutes of Meeting held on Wednesday 17th February 2021: These were agreed. 


2. Matters arising from meeting held on Wednesday 17th February 2021:

Memorial bench - Chris replied saying that we would go back to the family again after the tree and ecological surveys have been completed.

Jumps on Little Heath - Mike has not dealt with them yet but he will do this weekend.

Tree Survey - Ray will liaise with Arboreal when this is done.

Ecological survey - Bob will speak to GLT about it.

Gorse clearance - Adrian is progressing with the clearance of any gorse that was covering the main footpaths following heavy snowfall.

Barriers - Adrian has ordered some timber and is awaiting delivery before completing the new barriers on Camberley Rd and Woodbridge Rd.

Thanks - Chris/Bob/Mike have completed the thank you letters which have been much appreciated.

Dog bags - the problem with the quality of the dog bags has now been resolved.

Bank mandate - Alison has now been added as a signatory on the Barclays Bank accounts and Carole has been removed.

Payback - they are not due to return until the golf clubhouse is open so that the participants can use their toilet facilities. Bob will contact them at this time.

Rusty pole - this has been removed.


3. Minutes of the Special Meeting held on Wednesday 24th March 2021:

Agreed by all the trustees that were present at the meeting.


4. Matters arising from the Special Meeting held on Wednesday 24th March 2021:

The letter to our solicitor has been prepared by Chris and it was agreed by all trustees to send it to him for his consideration. 


5. Management of the Common:

Tadpoles in the pond - Adrian enquired whether we would like any more tadpoles to go into the pond. We do have sufficient numbers but Adrian can add some if he wishes. Ray will let him know.

Tasmania Rd trees - Ray has looked at the trees in question and as one tree near the resident's garage looked dead, the trustees agreed that we should ask Tom Lyon to take the tree down. Ray will also ask Tom to check another tree overhanging at the same property and to look at all trees along Tasmania Rd to see if any other work is necessary.

Little Heath - Alison reported that there is a concrete post down and Mike will check to see if this could potentially enable vehicles to access the Little Heath. Mike said that the Little Heath needs some attention in general and that we should discuss this at our next meeting.

Green Light Trust - Bob suggested that we should give GLT a plan of what we would like them to do on the common and then liaise with them about what they can help us with. It was decided that on a Saturday afternoon, (to be arranged) we would walk around the common, including the Little Heath, and come up with the plan before then meeting with Peter Foster of GLT.

Leaflet dispenser  - as we have a lot of leaflets showing the footpaths and direction of play on the golf course, it was decided to purchase some leaflet dispensers which could be attached to the dog bag dispensers or located close by. Diane will look into this before the next meeting.

Notices - the notices about the golf club reopening are to be taken down and Diane will do this.

Muddy footpaths -  Chris has been contacted about the paths as Rushmere Parish Council has received a complaint. No action is considered necessary.


6. Heath Warden's report:

Green Light Trust - they are back on the common following the partial relaxing of lockdown restrictions. Bob is trying to guide them to do the jobs we require.

Pond - Bob said that notices are required near the pond saying 'Keep Out - Conservation area.' It was agreed that we need green background notices and Ray will look into getting these ordered.

Metal detectorists - they are leaving holes where they have been digging and Bob suggested we put up some notices stating that metal detecting on the common is illegal. Diane will look into getting the notices made and the police will be informed of the situation.

Anti-social behaviour - Bob is still reporting this to the police. He has also called 999 regarding a large group of youngsters meeting for parties on the common. It is noted that Bob dialled 999 twice within 20 minutes to report anti-social behaviour and there was no response or visit from the police following these calls.

Website - Bob suggested that on our website we say to call the police if necessary. Alison will add this.

Thank you letters - Bob would like two more letters and Chris will do them for Mike to sign.

Charity bags dumped - Bob has informed Trading Standards about these bags being dumped on the common.


7. Green Light Trust:

Most items regarding GLT have been discussed. 

Locked tool box - Chris can now order this and have it delivered to Kelvin in the Pro shop of RGC.


8. Golf club matters:

Golf re-commenced on the common on the 29th of March. Our signs about reopening helped and as previously discussed are no longer needed. Diane to remove.

During lockdown, we received a letter from RGC requesting that we consider the rabbit issue again and requesting a further rebate or moratorium, on the licence fee due to the impact of lockdown.

Rabbits - there was a discussion about the rabbits which mentioned the fact that shooting is not an option and neither is gassing as it is no longer allowed on sandy soil due to health and safety issues. Consensus is that Chris should write to advise the club that we will moniter the situation and revisit it in the Autumn/Winter.

Licence fee - we allowed the club three months free during the first lockdown. There was a debate about any further rebate we could offer. A vote was taken and concluded that we should offer one month's rebate but that this is all we will be able to do in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic. This amounts to £2163.33 and Chris is to write with this offer. Proposed by Ray and seconded by Alison.   

9. Any other business:

emails - the trustees have advised Chris that emails should not be sent out as they come in but instead be collated and sent out between two and four days before the next meeting. If anything is urgent, the Chairman should be contacted to decide whether a Special Meeting should be called to discuss that matter. Minutes of normal meetings are still to be sent out with two weeks of the meeting. Alison suggested that we set up domain name email addresses so that emails can be sent out to the trustees and warden to those addresses. We will discuss this further at our next meeting. 

GDPR - we will discuss this at our next meeting.

10. Date of next meeting: This will be held on Tuesday 25th of May on Zoom at 6:30pm.


Meeting ended 8:56 pm



Mrs Chris Kendall

Clerk to the Managing Trustees

Minutes April 2021