Registered Charity No. 274900


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 26th October 2022 at Rushmere Golf Club commencing at 6.30pm




Mike Gilson (Chairman)

Alison Pledger (Vice Chair)

Diane Grayston

Kev Driver

John Adams

Mike Shields


Also present

Chris Kendall (Clerk)

Bob Gosden (Warden)


Apologies were received from Ray Whymark and these were accepted.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 8th August 2022



  1. Matters arising from the meeting held on Monday 8th August 2022

            Dog bin near Humber Doucy LaneMike still ongoing.

            Dormant Lloyds Bank accountChris, Ray and Alison still to deal with closing this account.

            Finance Report -  done by Chris for this meeting and will be done for future meetings.

            New contractor letter – done by Chris and checked by Mike G first.

            Firebreak alongside 80 Heath Rd – Chris has contacted the property owner about the firebreak, stating that we will have the fire brigade look at this in due course. In the meantime the owner may clear any overhanging branches.

            Silver birch outside 41 Linksfield – Chris has looked at this tree and it is dead. Chris to advise the property owner that this will be cut down when our tree surgeon is next in the area.

            Pond water – Chris has advised the commoners that we are sticking with the advice given to us by Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

            Work by Volunteers – Chris has confirmed to the commoner, who asked, that any volunteers working on the common work on our instructions and are supervised.

            Speed Indicator Device(SID) – Kev has passed on to RPC our decision that the SID could be placed on the corner of Little Heath on the Playford Rd.


            Adrian’s burn pile – Alison and Diane asked RGC to deal with this and they have agreed to do it when the weather is suitable.  RGC have been asked to check for any wildlife before burning.

            Zoned plan – to be discussed later.

            Meeting with police, RGC and ourselvesChris has yet to organise this meeting.

            Litter near 14thBob will deal with this when the weather is suitable.

            13 or 14 greens – Chris advised RGC that we were in agreement with the work being done and this has now been carried out.

            Bench – Chris passed on our agreement to RGC for a new top going on a bench and this has been done.

            GLTBob will enquire about the cost of the overalls in due course.

            Clerk’s holiday – organised.


  1. Draft minutes of AGM held on Tuesday 19th July 2022

            Minor alterations agreed.


  1. Management of the common

            New contractor – the work by our new contractors, Cut N Clear It, is going well. They will now be asked to invoice us for the work that they have done so far. Their next few days will be spent working on finishing the main footpaths, the pond path and any safety issues. We will be following the items on the management plan to inform them of the work that is needed.

            Line of sight issues – RGC will be asked, by Diane and Alison, if they will deal with any such issues.

            Upcoming work on management plan – the first 3 items on the October list can be done by our contractors. These are Heath Walk through to Linksfield, especially Zone 19, and the paths in Zones 33 and 24.

            Muddy path alongside 12thBob will ask his contact whether we can have some wood chippings to put down here and then see if GLT can do this job.

            Management plan – Kev explained the plan and its pages and asked other trustees to have a look at it with a few to adding to the plan as necessary.

            City Fibre (CF) request – to have a telegraph pole placed on the common outside the second property in Linksfield.  Mike G has said that he will meet with them to discuss the details of how the pole will be used and after that meeting Chris can ask our solicitors their opinion. Chris to organise meeting between CF and Mike G.

            Tree outside 25 Linksfield – the resident has queried whether the oak tree can be cut back and also all the oak trees along Linksfield can be looked at by our tree surgeon.  Chris to reply saying that when he is next in the area Tom Lyon will have a look.

            Pond – Chris has received various comments regarding the pond. Chris to reply that we have taken advice on the water level, which we are going along with, but that the reeds and hedges are to be removed or cut back.

            Bent post at top of Linksfield – Chris to ask contractor if they can deal with this, but if they can’t she will find another contractor who can.


  1. Heath Warden’s Report

            Anti-social behaviour – has been less of late.

            Damage to RGC greens – Bob has asked RGC to contact the police about any damage.

            Bins on heath boundaries -   Both Bob and Chris have contacted East Suffolk Norse  about the bins not being emptied and have been told that this is due to their staffing levels.  Alison to put a note on our website about how to report full bins.  Chris to look into labels, to go on our dog bag dispensers, about reporting any bin emptying issues to these people too.

            E scooters – a few e-scooters have been spotted on the common.

            Pond areaBob will ask GLT to deal with the reeds and Alison and Diane will ask the golf club if they will deal with the hedges as they are a line of sight issue.


  1. Golf Club Matters

            Winter work – Alison and Diane have met with the club to discuss the winter work for this year. The trustees agreed to all the work on the list except for the overhanging branch at the 2nd as this will need further consideration.

            13Th – Alison and Diane agreed to RGC cutting back the bracken and ferns back to the tree line as this would help both golfers and walkers to see each other and is a safety issue. Also two small silver birches trees on the corner of the path can be cut back or cut down to re-establish the original tee.

            Practice area – RGC have requested for the practice area to be extended as they understood that this had been agreed in the past. Chris to look at old notes.  Bob recalled the area from the past and Alison and Diane will try to clarify this at their next meeting with RGC.

            Rabbits – Cambell (RGC) asked who deals with rabbits. RCC would be responsible for this as land owners.  We have said that no shooting of rabbits can take place. The rabbits are a particular problem near the 11th and the tank traps.  Chris will ask Ray if he can make contact with the company we have contacted before to see what can be done and we can then decide what is acceptable to us.


  1. Green Light Trust

            We have received an email from Peter Foster regarding the burnt area, restoration and doing scrapes.  Work could take place in conjunction with other parties, such as Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk Bird Group and there may be funding if needed. The trustees are keen to investigate what can be done and Chris is to      reply saying that we would like a meeting with GLT initially. Suggested that Mike S, Mike G and Kev, along with clerk, meet with Peter Foster.  Kev will also contact Edward Phillips, Councillor of Bixley Ward about this matter.


  1. Walking and Cycling Strategy

            We have received communication from Suffolk County Council, requesting a meeting about a proposed route going along the edge Little Heath on Woodbridge Road.  Chris has made telephone contact to advise them that we also own the land from the LH to Bent Lane. Chris to now email requesting more information as the scheme appears to be in the early stages at the moment. Information to be requested is the proposed width, length and appearance of the path as well as what considerations will be made in view of this being registered   common land.


  1. Finance Report and review of accountants

            Accountants – For a number of years we have used the same accountants, but as there were some problems with them this year we decided to review which  accountancy firm we would use. As we can have the same service from Staines & Co. for approximately half the cost the trustees are in agreement that we change     to them. Chris to make the necessary arrangements.

            Finance report – Chris produced a simple income and expenditure account which was reviewed by the trustees. It was discussed that the cost of publicising our AGM has risen dramatically.  Therefore, Chris will check with the Charities Commission about what would be considered acceptable notice of the AGM and Agenda, given that we place notices in the area too.

            Chris will also produce a full budget and year end forecast for future meetings.


  1. Any other business

            Drone -Alison advised that she has a small drone and would obtain some aerial shots of the common to assist with management of the common.

            Progress -  John commented that we are now making good progress with management plans in place.

            AGMChris to get a date in June 2023 for the AGM.


  1. Date of next meeting

            Tuesday 6th December 2022 at RGC, commencing at 6.30pm.



Meeting ended 20.50


Mrs Chris Kendall

Clerk to the Managing Trustees