Registered Charity No. 274900


Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 20th July 2021 on Zoom commencing at 6.30pm


Present: Mike Gilson (Chairman), Alison Pledger (Vice Chair), Diane Grayston, Ray Whymark,

                Kev Driver, John Adams

Also present: Chris Kendall (Clerk), Bob Gosden (Warden)


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 23rd June 2021:



  1. Matters arising from the meeting held on Wednesday 23rd June 2021:

Leaflet dispensers - Chris will take these to Adrian in the next few days for him to attach to the dog bag dispensers.

Metal detecting notices - Diane has done these laminated notices.

Privacy Notices - have been prepared by Chris (with assistance from Kev) and she will distribute them this week for signatures.

Footpaths- Adrian has done the footpath at the back of he 13th.

Signs for dog bag dispensers-  Ray and Kev are doing these.

Walk on the commonMike will do the schedule of what needs to be done when and by whom shortly.

Green Light Trust – Chris has sent the email requesting a meeting but is yet to receive a reply. Chris has also written to Peter Foster of GLT re their grant application.

Rushmere Golf ClubChris will contact the club about a meeting after the AGM.

Dog bin – Ray is organising either a new bin or bin lid for the red bin near the 7th.

Warden’s insurance – Chris has received a letter from Bob confirming the terms of his insurance policy.

Pond signs -  these have gone missing and at the moment will not be replaced.


  1. Management of the common

Tree survey – this has been done and should be in by the AGM.

Footpath along Playford Rd. -  a member of the public has reported that there is some dangerous undergrowth and Ray will ask Adrian to have a look and do the minimum necessary.

Ecological report - GLT have done some work on this but we will revisit it after the AGM.

Car parked - a car marked ‘for sale’ has been parked on the edge of Bent Lane.  Chris has spoken to our PCSO about this and she is dealing with it.


  1. Heath Warden’s Report

Bob has received information about the grant application and says that the  individual who was making the application has now left GLT so there is nothing further to do in this regard.          

Bob is continuing to do about 2 anti-social behaviour reports per week.  There is a particular problem with the ‘bog hole’ near the 7th tee and Bob is liaising with the golf club to deal with this.

Some of the lids on the dog boxes need repairing and or re felting and Chris will ask Adrian to do the necessary work.


  1. Golf Club Matters

The golf club have appointed a course manager who will start work on October, so it would be a good idea to meet with them at some point.


  1. Preparation for AGM

The agenda notices have been published in the papers, on our website and at the main entrances to the common.

The meeting will take place at Rushmere Village Hall on Thursday 29th July at 7.30pm unless, due to Covid 19, we deem it necessary to hold the meeting on Zoom.

Chris will bring the minutes of the last AGM, the agenda, and the accounts with her.

The chairs will be set out with social distancing in mind.


  1. Any other business

Dog bags – some of the dog bags have holes in them and this will be discussed at the next meeting.

Path to right of 2nd fairway – needs to be cleared and Ray will ask Adrian to do this.

Path opposite Adrian’s houseRay will speak to Adrian about this.

  1. Date of next meeting

To de decided. But will be about 2 weeks after AGM.


Meeting ended 19.14.


Mrs Chris Kendall

Clerk to the Managing Trustees