Registered Charity No. 274900


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 13th July 2022 at Rushmere Golf Club commencing at 6.30pm



Alison Pledger (Vice Chair)

Diane Grayston

Ray Whymark

Kev Driver

John Adams

Geoff Poole


Also present

Chris Kendall (Clerk)

Bob Gosden (Warden)


Apologies received and accepted from Mike Gilson, due to Covid.  Meeting therefore chaired by Alison Pledger.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 15th June 2022



  1. Matters arising from the meeting held on Wednesday 15th June 2022

            Schedule of workStill ongoing.

            Trees on Tasmania Rd – to be discussed later.

            RGC meeting – to be discussed later.

            Tree survey – Chris has requested Tom to carry out the 6 month work, but we don’t have a date for this work yet.

            Contractors – Kev has been in contact with Greenways but they haven’t come back to him yet.

            Kev found out that Rushmere Parish Council use SCL Landscape Management Ltd.

            Alison has contacted SCL Landscape Management Ltd but they have not come back to her yet.

            Chris has tried to contact Baz Rumble (who is a friend of Tom Lyon), but he hasn’t come back to her yet.

            Bob will be contacting Payback to see if they are coming back.

            Bob liaises with GLT and they are going to be clearing the reeds from the pond as their next job.

            Planning permission for business in Linksfield – Chris has advised both the business owner and East Suffolk Council Planning of RCC’s decision regarding the  track being used to access the business.


            Dog bin near Humber Doucy LaneMike will look at this.

            Leaflets and leaflet dispensers – Kev has given Chris a better map so Chris will arrange the printing of the leaflets with this improved map on them.

            Tree survey update – Chris has advised Arboreal of our decision not to have an update at this time. Chris has also written to both Easton and Otley Colleges to offer them to work on the common, producing surveys and studying tree management etc.

            RGC work prior to tournament – to be discussed later.

            Lloyds Bank account – Chris has produced an authority to close the dormant  account and have the balance transferred to our other Lloyds account.  Chris to action this.


  1. Management of the common

            Footpath along the side of LH in Playford Rd – a resident has reported that the path is now too narrow for 2 people to walk side by side and has asked for the vegetation to be cleared from the path. Kev reported this to East Suffolk Council but they have  replied stating that is not bad enough for them to deal with at the moment. Chris to advise the resident of this information but say that we will add it to the top of our list of jobs.

            Request for firebreak Heath Rd – A resident here has requested a firebreak to the side of their property. Chris to advise the resident that someone will take a look at the situation and add this to our list of jobs.

            Pond waterBob will ask GLT to clear some of the reeds, as there should be 30% clear water.

            GLT – It has been agreed that the trustees will let Bob know what jobs GLT are to be asked to do and in which order the jobs are to be carried out.  Chris to send out notes of the walk around with GLT to the trustees.

            Tasmania Rd treesRay will contact the Forestry Commission to see if they can give any advice about the trees that are overhanging a property here. The resident  is concerned about loss of light and safety issues.

            Trafalgar walkJohn will cut back a few branches from the trees along the Trafalgar Walk footpath.

            List of work requiredChris will send out the list of work that needs to be done to the trustees.

            Maintenance planKev will try to do a template of a plan based on the old Rushmere 10 Year Maintenance Plan. This will include zones of the common.

            Gorse to be removed – from the heather near the old football pitch. Chris to add to list of jobs.


  1. Heath Warden’s Report

            Very little to report, but some comments regarding Golf Club Matters.


  1. Golf Club Matters

            The minutes of the meeting held with RGC on 05/07/22 are to be sent to RGC by Chris.

            Decisions that have been made following the above-mentioned meeting are:

  • Gorse regeneration - Kev is working on the template for management of the gorse etc.
  • Saplings – RCC agreed that RGC can remove saplings, that are by the greens and tees, and Chris is to advise them accordingly. Chris also to state definition of saplings which is having a diameter up to 5” and a height of up to 4.5ft. Bob G advised that the back of the 2nd tee is looking particularly bad.
  • Fire breaks – Chris to contact the fire brigade about their recommendations following the recent fire near the 1st.
  • Decisions - As RGC requested that RCC make decisions more quickly RCC have agreed that Alison and Diane should meet with RGC’s general manager, David King, on a monthly basis. It was also agreed that Alison and Diane can make basic decisions, on behalf of the committee, and report back at the next meeting. However, any controversial matters will continue to be dealt with at a meeting by the committee.
  • Buggy - RCC were advised that if Bob G wishes to use a buggy, that belongs to the club, he should ask Cambell or we could look into leasing one.  RCC decided that leasing a buggy is too expensive so Bob will continue to request a buggy if needed. If a buggy is not available Bob will be unable to move large items and will advise the club accordingly.
  • Health & Safety – RGC feel that the stumps left near the dead hedging at the 10th are a trip hazard and should be removed. Chris will put this on the list of work to be done.
  • Tournament – Chris to get contact details from David so that Alison and Diane can met with him one week before.  Also Chris to get details to put on posters, from RCC, about the event.



            Chris advised that she had not received any agenda items.  There has been one nomination to become a trustee. Chris to contact Mike to confirm how the nomination will be dealt with on the night and let the other trustees know the  information.



  1. Any other business

            GLT – Bob requested that a further donation to GLT be put on the agenda of our  next ordinary meeting. Chris will deal with this.

            Recent fire – Geoff commented that there were large flames from the recent fire.


  1. Date of next meeting

            Monday 8th August at RGC commencing at 6.30pm.  Chris to check that this date is ok for Mike.




Meeting ended 20.30


Mrs Chris Kendall

Clerk to the Managing Trustees