Registered Charity No. 274900


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 on Zoom commencing at 6.30pm


Present: Mike Gilson (Chairman), Alison Pledger (Vice Chair), Diane Grayston, Ray Whymark, Kev Driver, John Adams.

Also present: Chris Kendall (Clerk), Bob Gosden (Warden)


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 25th May 2021: Agreed


  1. Matters arising from the meeting held on Tuesday 25th May 2021

Ecological survey – to be discussed later under Green Light Trust.

Tasmania Rd. trees – the work on these trees has been done and the bill of £540 has been paid.

Concrete post on Little Heath (LH) – the post that has fallen down will not allow vehicles to access the LH and has been looked at by the trustees.

Leaflet dispensers – Chris has ordered and paid for 7 dispensers as it was not economical to order one first in view of the delivery charges. Chris will ask Adrian to attach these to the dog bag dispensers.

Metal detecting noticesDiane will do the laminated notices this coming weekend.

Footpaths – the back of the 13th up the hill and parallel to Blackdown Ave. is still be done by Adrian as his Land Rover has been out of action.

Letter to golf club -  has been sent explaining the work of GLT.

Payback – are still unable to return due to Covid 19 restrictions relating to transport.

Dead gorse – Bob has done some investigating about the dead gorse on the common. Woodland Trust were not aware of any problems but Bob has been advised that it is a nationwide problem probably due to very cold end of March/April and northerly winds.

Privacy Notices – have been prepared by Chris (with assistance from Kev) and she will distribute them before the next meeting.

Lloyds Bank -  the forms have been sent to the bank to amend the signatories.

Signs for dog bag dispensersRay and Kev will sort these out before the next meeting.


  1. Management of the common

Recent walk on the common - following a walk around part of the common and the Little Heath Mike prepared a list of findings. It was agreed that we should keep the wooded areas and the gorse areas separate from each other and that a large number of saplings need to be removed. Bob suggested and it was agreed that the GLT Monday group could do certain things and leave the Thursday group to do other things. It was decided that the GLT could use the LH as a test area for some of their ideas and if the work was beneficial they could then do some of the same things on the main common. It was also agreed that more work needs to be done by ourselves to establish a full list of jobs, who can do the work and in which season they should be timetabled. Mike will look to start doing this schedule.

Chris and Bob are to contact Peter Foster of GLT to arrange a meeting with them on site for after the AGM.  In the meantime Bob will continue to manage GLT’s work. Mike should include the plan in his AGM report.

Hedgerows along common boundaries – as agreed at out last meeting Kev forwarded a copy of East Suffolk Council's letter to residents that live on the boundary of their land on the Sandlings. It was agreed that a similar letter should be sent by us as a reminder to residents living on our boundaries and Kev will draft a letter which we can discuss at our next meeting.

Pond and barrier at Woodbridge Rd entrance – the signage has been completed.

Wasps’ nest -  Chris had a report of a wasps’ nest outside of 17/19 Linksfield and arranged for A1 Pest Management to deal with it at a cost of £75.

Tree planting – a resident has asked whether we were proposing to plant any trees for the Queen’s Jubilee. Chris was asked to reply saying that as we manage the heath as common land we are not going to be planting any trees, especially in view of the self-seeding that is already happening.

  1. Heath Warden’s Report

Bob reported that the GLT Monday group were going to be working elsewhere for a while and that the Thursday group would be unsupervised but continue working on existing areas. Not as much anti-social behaviour as of late.

  1. Green Light Trust

We have received a report from GLT which includes information on Rushmere Common and Purdis Heath, a biological report, a report of bees and wasps and a copy of a Grant Application for work to be done on the common. As there are a couple of issues that need to be clarified with them Chris is to write, before the AGM, to them to ask for information relating to their grant application, as we were unaware of this application, and the application mentions that they are working with Rushmere Parish Council instead of Rushmere Commoners.  Mike will check the draft letter.

  1. Golf Club Matters

The golf club have been contacted by the gas company to do a survey of their pipes on the common. Bob has found out that this will take place between September – December and he is happy to meet with them and for Chris to give them his contact details if necessary.

Patrick has been doing a good job of leaving some rough sculptured grass.

Chris to organise a meeting with the golf club, after the AGM, to do a walk around and talk about the ‘winter work’ earlier this year. At this meeting the line of sight should be considered for safety of both golfers and walkers.


  1. Preparation for AGM

The Preliminary Notices have been arranged to go in the newspaper on Thursday 24th June and the Parish Clerk is to be asked to display them on the parish noticeboards.

Chris has received the draft accounts and has requested two small amendments to be made. Chris to distribute the amended accounts to the trustees for their approval prior to getting them printed for the AGM.

  1. Any other business

Dog bin – the lid is off the red dog bin near the 7th and Ray will look into getting a replacement bin.

Warden’s personal accident and sickness policy – we have been advised by the insurance brokers that they are only able to get death benefit on Bob’s insurance policy due to his age.  It was agreed by the trustees and Bob that this is acceptable. Chris is to get written confirmation from Bob that he accepts the situation.

  1. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 20th July at 6.30pm on Zoom.


Meeting ended 19.58


Mrs Chris Kendall

Clerk to the Managing Trustees