Registered Charity No. 274900


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday the 11th of May 2022 at Rushmere Golf Club commencing at 6.30pm




Mike Gilson (Chairman)

Alison Pledger (Vice Chair)

Diane Grayston

Ray Whymark

Kev Driver

John Adams

Geoff Poole


Also present

Chris Kendall (Clerk)

Bob Gosden (Warden)



  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 16th March 2022



  1. Matters arising from the meeting held on Wednesday 16th March 2022

            Pond – Kev met with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, who said that the pond is in fantastic condition.  We should not top up the pond from the mains and only from bore water  if absolutely necessary. An article will be included on our website.

            Schedule of workStill ongoing.

            Trees on Tasmania Rd – Ray has managed to contact the owner regarding the height of the trees at the side of his property. Chris/Ray will ask Tom to take the top off the tree/s.

            Adrian – To be discussed later.

            RGC meeting -  To be discussed later.

            Tree surveyRay/Chris have been given permission to contact Tom to ask him to carry out the work now required. (Marked as 6 months on the survey)

            Sign outside 90 Woodbridge Rd. – to be discussed later.

            Contact list -  This has been done and distributed by Chris.


  1. Management of the common

            Adrian’s resignation – Sadly we have received a letter from Adrian saying that he will no longer be working for us on the common and that he will send a further letter with his reasons in due course.  Initially, Mike will ring Adrian to talk to him about his decision.  Adrian has done a considerable amount of work on the common and some of that work he has done voluntarily. Meanwhile we will investigate who could do the work for us.  Kev will speak to Greenways, and Alison will find out who maintains Martlesham Heath. We will advertise in In Touch if necessary. Kit has done work in the past but is now retired.  Bob will see if Payback are returning. Chris will keep a list of work that becomes necessary.

            Board outside 90 Woodbridge Rd.– Following our last meeting, at which Kev was given delegated authority to agree the position of the Speed Indicator Device post, it was agreed, by email, that this should be placed outside 90 Woodbridge Rd. One trustee, however, did not agree with this decision and asked for this to be minuted.  Also at this location there are times when an estate agent has boards for their sponsored events.  Chris to ring Fenn Wright and ask them to request permission in future as the boards are placed on common land.

            Work at 70 Heath Road – Chris received a request for access to the rear fence via the common.  Bob met with the contractor and permission was given.

            Work -  Gorse is looking good. The side of the 7th has been scraped by GLT but his  has now been stopped by Bob. GLT have done 1 day on Little Heath. They have no new group at present but some members of the original group have been working on re-doing things such as the dead hedging.


  1. Tree survey

            As previously stated Chris and Ray will deal with the current issues.


  1. Heath Warden’s Report

            Den - There was a den near the 16th which was partly made up of some stolen items from properties in Linksfield. Bob and the residents reported the matter to the police, but they did not attend immediately. Bob and a friend cleared the den        and the stolen property was later returned to the residents by the police.

            GLT – No updates.

            Litter – There has been a bit more litter recently but Bob and his helpers are still doing a good job of clearing it.


  1. Golf Club Matters

            Upcoming tournament – The club will be hosting the R & A Coronation Foursomes which is a national ladies event on Friday 12th August. Chris to organise a meeting  with RGC, for as soon as possible after the new manager starts, to discuss how we can help, amongst other things. We will look to put details of the golf event in In Touch, on our website  and provide notices on the common.  The notice to go up about 1 week prior to the tournament. We should, along with RGC, consider car parking and acknowledgement that it is on common land.


  1. Planning permission application for business in Linksfield

            Planning permission has gone into East Suffolk Council for a dog grooming  business in Linksfield. As we own the access track we have to be served notice of this application, by the owner, and then consider our position about usage of the track for business customers. Chris to reply to owner of the business to ask her to serve notice to us and say that we will seek our solicitors advice regarding the track. Chris to seek solicitors advice.


  1. Prospective new trustee

            We have been contacted by Mike Shields saying that he is interested in becoming a trustee.  Chris has contacted him to suggest that he comes to the AGM after formally nominating himself when the AGM notices are published. Chris to remind him of this and check who is up for retirement/re-election at the AGM.


  1. Wikipedia article

            Kev spotted that Wikipedia item was not up-to-date and has re-worded it. Others to check the article and Chris to diarise 6 monthly to make sure it is still correct periodically.


  1. AGM

            The AGM is to be held at Tower Hall on Tuesday 19th July.  Notices to go in the press, on the website and on the common by 19th June. Agenda notices to be published and displayed 2 weeks before the meeting. Draft accounts to be seen 1 month before the AGM and Chris to chase these, if necessary. See dates of next meetings.


  1. Any other business

            Noise – A commoner has raised noise being heard around the 7th to as late as  midnight. Bob explained that although the golf club have been doing ‘hollow tining’, which involves machinery, they have only been working until 6.45pm. The    commoner will endeavour to discover exact cause of the noise he is experieincing and let us know the details.

            Dog bin near Humber Doucy Lane – Mike reported that the dog bag dispenser does not get filled with dog bags but instead has rubbish in it. Mike will empty the rubbish and fill with dog bags to see if it is used and if not the dispenser can be removed.

            Leaflets and dispensers – We are short of leaflets so Kev will review the existing one, make any amendments and send to Chris so that she can have some more printed. Some of the dispensers are damaged so Chris to order 3 or more,   replacements. Diane will attach them to the posts as required.

            Photos -  Geoff has agreed to send some photos of birds etc. to Alison so that she can put them on our website.

  1. Date of next meetings

            Wednesday 15th June 2022 at RGC commencing at 6.30pm. Mainly to look at draft accounts.

            Wednesday 13th July 2022 at RGC commencing at 6.30pm.  Mainly to consider any agenda items for the AGM.

            Chris to book these dates with RGC.


Meeting ended 20.45




Mrs Chris Kendall


Clerk to the Managing Trustees