We are very pleased to announce that we will be placing regular articles in the 'In Touch'  magazine for Kesgrave and Rushmere and the local Parish magazine. These will give details about the work that is currently being carried out on the common as well as future plans, some history and facts. Below is the article that will be featured in the magazines for October. We hope these articles will be interesting and informative to regular users of the common as well as readers not so familiar with this wonderful space.

Rushmere Commoners Committee

Unfortunately, this hot dry weather has led to the pond drying up.  We will continue to monitor, do some maintenance of the reeds, hedgerows etc. and hope for rain.  If the storms of late August had come, as they did in other parts of East Anglia, then the pond would have probably been back to being nearly full.  As reported last month the lack of water has given the RCC few options.  Fortunately, most amphibians only spend about 25% of their lives in water and that’s usually in the breeding season

The RCC have agreed an initial schedule of work with a new contractor and work will be starting in September.  Please be aware and be mindful as the paths and firebreaks are being maintained.  Work will start with the main fire breaks and the perimeter paths, before moving on to some of the paths that go through the gorse areas.  There will be other jobs undertaken as we prioritise safety of all users.  The management plan is now in draft format being actively discussed by the committee.

The committee’s thanks go out to all of you that altered your schedules on 12th August to support the Golf Club’s R&A event.

Please remain vigilant with regard to fires as there is still a high risk of an outbreak.  We are waiting for a meeting with Suffolk Fire and Rescue but as you’ll appreciate, they are incredibly busy at the moment. 

A reminder to be mindful when walking your dog.  People have their dogs on leads for a reason.  This may be because recall isn’t as embedded as they would like or the dog is anxious, nervous and simply not good with others. So please keep your dog under control at all times and be ready to recall if needed.  Please also remember to clear up after you dog, there appears to be an increasing amount of dog waste being left beside and on paths.  There are several bins emptied regularly by the green keepers and our volunteers put out bags in the dispensers daily – please only take one or two at a time so there’s plenty to go round.  The Public Space Protection Order makes it illegal to fail to clear up after your dog if it fouls any land that is open to the air and to which the public have access. Inconsiderate dog owners could face a fixed penalty fine of £80 or a fine of up to £1000 if there is a conviction in the courts

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