We are very pleased to announce that we will be placing regular articles in the 'In Touch'  magazine for Kesgrave and Rushmere and the local Parish magazine. These will give details about the work that is currently being carried out on the common as well as future plans, some history and facts. Below is the article that will be featured in the magazines for August. We hope these articles will be interesting and informative to regular users of the common as well as readers not so familiar with this wonderful space.


Rushmere Common aka the Heath/Golf Course

As normal in the summer months the Common is very busy and it’s great to see this space enjoyed by so many.  It’s important to remember this is shared space where golf is played. Extra care needs to be taken by both walkers and golfers – with the ball going extra yards at this time of year.  Any Incidents should be reported to the club.

With the increase usage also comes the increase risk of fires.  We have already seen one along the left-hand side of the 1st fairway as you approach the Heath Road entrance near the Tank Traps.  It’s unclear on what caused it at the moment. It could have been a lot worse but for the timely intervention of our fantastic Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service.  They had 6 Appliances in attendance at one point! The Committee’s thanks go out to all of the firefighters involved.  Please if you see any smoke don’t hesitate to call 999 and report it.  The habitats will recover over time.  We will assess the damage and either look to clear the area or leave it to recover naturally.

Another warning is one of insect bites.  Heath and Woodland often have reports of ticks and other insects which bite and can cause a reaction, so it’s important that you check your dogs and yourselves for any signs of bites – often the tick will still be attached so careful removal is required.   Ticks can carry Lyme’s disease which will require treatment, although for dogs most flea and worm treatments contain some protection.  For more information, please visit https://ukhsa.blog.gov.uk/2014/03/24/tips-and-tricks-to-stay-safe-from-ticks/  Our website will be updated to include this link.   

We are also looking for contractors to do work on the common, including strimming, path clearance, tree maintenance, gorse clearance etc.  The RCC is looking at a maintenance and improvement plan and there could be projects that could be undertaken by Volunteer groups.  If you are a contractor, know of a company or would like to volunteer then contact the clerk.

The Committee continue to work with the Golf Club over the details of the forthcoming prestigious R&A Ladies golf competition on Friday 12th August.  This is a regional event leading to places in national finals. This is a great honour for the club and the common, demonstrating how much the course and its surroundings are appreciated by visitors.  There are likely to be over 80 golfers playing that day so the common will be very busy.  More details on this event will be available in shortly.

E: clerkrushcommoners@gmail.com

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