The Commoners of Rushmere Common live in the ancient parish of Rushmere and have attained the age of eighteen years. That includes the village of Rushmere St Andrew and a sizeable part of east Ipswich from the St Augustine's roundabout to parts of Sidegate Lane.

The Commoners elect nine Trustees to manage the Common at the Annual General Meeting. A list of qualifying roads is listed below.

If you are not sure if you qualify please contact the Clerk. You may live in a new road in the qualifying area which is not listed. If so, please inform the Clerk.

A Aberfoyle Close, Adelaide Road, Andrew Close, Angus Close, Arundel Way, Ashdown Way, Audely Grove, Ayre Road

B Beech Grove, Beech Road, Bent Lane, Birchwood Drive, Bixley Drive, Bixley Lane, Bixley Road, Blackdown Avenue, Blair Close, Blandford Road, Bodiam Close, Bodiam Road, Brendon Drive, Bridport Avenue, Broadlands Way, Brookhill Way, Butterfly Gardens,

C Caithness Close, Camberly Road, Canberra Close, Chatsworth Drive, Chestnut Close, Chilton Road, Claverton Way, Clovelly Close, Colchester Road (Sidegate Lane to hospital roundabout), Crofton Close, Crofton Road, Cromarty Road, Cuckfield Avenue

D Digby Road, Ditchington Grove, Dorchester Road, Dumbarton Road, Dumfries Road

E East Lawn, Eastern Close, Elm Road, Euston Avenue,

F Fairley Close, Fairlight Close, Fellbrig Avenue, Finborough Close, Fordham Place, Foxhall Road (from Chilton Road to Eastern Close), Foxwood Cresent

G Glemham Drive, Glenavon Road, Glencoe Road, Gleneagles Drive, Glenhurst Avenue, Gwendoline Road

H Hardwick Close, Haughley Drive, Heath Lane, Heath Road, Heathlands Park, Hintlesham Close, Holkham Close, Holly Lane, Horsham Avenue, Houghton Place, Humber Doucy Lane (from Inverness Road)

I Ickworth Crescent, Inverness Road

J Jupiter Road

K Kelvedon Place, Kentwell Close, Kinross Road

L Ladywood Road, Lamberts Lane, Lanark Road, Larkhill Rise, Lattice Avenue (part), Leopold Gardens, Leopold Road ,Lewes Close, Lindsey Road, Linksfield, Linksfield Gardens, Lulworth Avenue, Lyndhurst Avenue

M Magingley Cresent, Malvern Close, Mannington Close, Mayfield Road, Medowside Garden, Melbourne Road, Melfield Close, Mendip Drive, Melplash Close, Mere Gardens, Moffat Avenue

N Newby Drive, North Lawn

O Orkmey Road

P Pardoe Place, Parnham Place, Pastures, Pearson Road ,Playford Road ( to old FalconInn), Poole Close, Princethorpe Road

Q Quantock Close

R Reading Road, Renfrew Road, Roxburg Road, Rushbury Close, Rushmere Road, Rushmere Street, Rye Close

S Salehurst Road, Sandling Crescent, Sandpit Close, Sapling Place, Schreiber Road, Seckford Close, Selkirk Road, Seven Cottages Lane, Sherbourne Avenue, Shetland Close, Shrubland Close, Sidegate Lane (to Northgate), St Andrews Close, St Augustines Gardens, St Augustines Road, Summerfield Close, Sunningdale Avenue

T Tasmania Road, Temple Road, The Fairways, The Green, The Lawns, The Limes, The Maples, The Mills, The Spinney, Thornley Drive, Tuddenham Lane

V Valleyview Drive

W Wadhurst Road, Wareham Avenue, Warren Heath Avenue, Warren Heath Road, West Lawn, Westbury Road, Western Close, Wimbourne Road,Wimpole Close, Winfrith Road, Winston Avenue, Woodbridge Road East ( Hospital RAB to Elm Road)